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Talent Strategies

Providing solutions for organizations’ people problems…

In order for employees to be successful, they need to understand what is expected of them. In other words, to know if they are performing well, they need to know what good performance looks like. Employees need clear targets/goals, and the skills, tools, resources, and coaching necessary to meet those goals. One of the best ways for a company to ensure success is to align the employees’ goals with the overall goals of the organization. Without those aligned targets, work will not be efficient and effective.


Identifying Human Capital Needs

  • Developing Mission, Vision, Values Statements
  • Human Capital Planning


Job Descriptions

  • Writing Job Descriptions for New Roles
  • Adjusting Job Descriptions for Existing Roles



  • Writing Employee Handbooks
  • Documenting Employee Onboarding Experience


Performance Reviews

  • Creating Company Performance Review Templates
  • Defining Clear, Attainable, Measurable Expectations


Employee Development

  • Establishing Employee Value Propositions
  • Scheduling Regular Feedback from Organization Members
  • Implementing Continuous Developmental Coaching


Employee Engagement

  • Designing Employee Surveys
  • Instituting HR Retention & Employee Experience Audits
  • Developing and Implementing Internal Documentation
  • Conducting Wage Assessments


We believe in investing in people, and we believe that the investments after finding great talent are equally important.