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Learning Paths

Learning Paths has been applied to more than 400 functions and 40,000 employees worldwide increasing speed to proficiency by 30%-50% on average

 Clients have included:
  • GE Capital Consumer Finance
  • Siemens
  • Ceridian
  • GE Capital Fleet Services
  • Argent Mortgage
  • American Airlines
  • Caremark/CVS
  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • Rock Tenn
  • Metris/HSBC
  • Health East Hospital System
  • Disney Corporation
  • State of Minnesota
  • Canadian National Railroad
  • China Mobile
  • CertainTeed 
  • Autozone
  • Valspar
  • University of Minnesota
  • Penske
  • International Paper
  • Dow Corning
  • AgeWell
  • American Airlines
  • Green Bay Packaging
  • Cooperative Banks
  • Metersbonwe


Since 1993, the Learning Paths Methodology has been extensively tested and proven with hundreds of functions and thousands of employees in call center, sales, health care, finance, leadership and manufacturing settings.  In every case, speed to proficiency has been increased by more than 30%.  Increasing speed to proficiency is critical because every day employees aren’t fully productive has a direct financial impact on the business.  The impact can be quantified in terms of productivity, errors, safety, turnover and morale.

Learning Paths at its core is a consulting process that is patterned after a quality improvement project. This is why customers who are involved in six-sigma, lean or Kaizen find it easy and beneficial to adopt Learning Paths.

The Learning Path methodology has been used with major corporations in the US and internationally.  In addition, thousands of other companies and individuals have attended Learning Paths workshops, webinars and conference presentations. Even more have read the Learning Paths book and have incorporated key principles into the way they build and deliver training.